California’s Malibu Beach 1965

Annette Funicello Beach Culture

File-This 1965 file photo of youthful actors in a Hollywood movie amuse themselves between shooting of scenes at California’s Malibu Beach by staging an airborne twist exhibition on top of a surf board. Annette Funicello helped create a world as fanciful as Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom when she traded in her Mousketeer ears for a modest one-piece bathing suit . It was a land of perfect waves and sparkling sand, in a place where there was a beach party every night and summer never ended.

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Santa Mónica 1936 Foto D.R. Bettmann/CORBIS.

© Santa Mónica 1936 Foto D.R. © Bettmann:CORBIS

Original caption:2/18/1936-Santa Monica, CA- Starting at the Isthmus of Santa Catalina Island,three teams will race across 33 miles of open ocean to Santa Monica,CA,on Feb. 23 in a spectacular paddleboard relay event sponsored by the West Coast Paddleboard Association.Entered in the trans-channel dash are contenders from numerous paddleboard clubs of the Southland.Cups,trophies,and medals will be awarded the victory.Photo shows pretty Santa Monica girls,who,while they won’t compete,since all contenders are men,still will take part in a celebration at the finish.They are shown with big boards which

Santa Mónica 1936 Foto D.R. Bettmann/CORBIS.